aviation: Unusual excursions: waste incineration plant in Vienna



Energy miracle, urban biowaste treatment or « clean » waste incineration? Landfill, composting plant or waste incineration plant? Unusual destinations in your free time or on vacation, exciting, informative and impressive – the 48ers invite all interested parties to visit their facilities free of charge.

In Vienna you can see for yourself that even a landfill can be an attractive destination. On the round trip with the slow e-train, you can find out everything about the « Vienna sealing wall chamber system », the landfill as an alternative source of energy or the « solar flower » – by generating electricity from landfill gas, photovoltaics and local heating, around 2,200 tons of CO2 are saved here every year. With a bit of luck, you can see Pinzgau goats on a walk up the “Beag aus Mist”, which, along with many plants and animals, characterize this unique habitat.

The 48s in the Lobau composting plant impressively show how compost of the highest quality, class A+, is produced from the organic waste from the Vienna green belt, from the garden areas, from the manure dumps and the Vienna city gardens. From delivery to processing, composting and fine screening of the finished compost, everything can be followed here – even from the observation tower.

Thousands of Viennese households are supplied with electricity and district heating through thermal waste treatment in the Pfaffenau waste incineration plant. Around 250,000 tonnes of residual and bulky waste are thermally treated here every year and converted into clean energy. The highlights: a huge rubbish grab, 850 degrees of heat in the incinerator and an impressive rubbish bunker – it’s worth taking a look behind the scenes.

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